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Two Times The Ticklish Fun is a clip that brings to us two returning model, Yelifer (YM) who’s an absolute favorite here with her friend Paola (Sweet P, Best Tickler) and with them we have Paola Step-Mother (Yuruby) and Paola’s Step-Cousin (Tia)…

This two clip series will give us a 2 duo of foot tickling fun with these amazing ladies 🙂

First duo is Paola and her step-mother, Paola has been there before but we can’t say the same about her step-mother and Yelifer and Tia go right at it and the laughs are coming out of Paola right away all while the Yuruby tries to compose herself with this new ordeal and then it burst’s right out of her as well and a whole lot might i say.

Yelifer and Tia are doing a great jobs keeping Paola and Yuruby laughing, by mid-video Yuruby is almost in tears has she’s way too ticklish for this.

Yelifer is keeping Paola from escaping the tickles by securing her arms around her ankles and grinning all while doing so and of course Yuruby is still screaming in loud laughs right next to the lovely Paola and her unbelievable smile…

Oh revenge is going to be sweet…and very cruel…:-)

Duration: 4:57.243
Size: 83,554 Mb

Download – Two Times The Ticklish Fun

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