LaurenLouise – Lauren Tickles Boss Bonnie for promotion

Lauren is not to pleased with her boss and best friend Bonnie, Lauren has been putting in extra hours and working extra hard, yet has not had a promotion or pay rise in years! She is doing all this work and feels her best friend should really be looking out for her and helping her out, but she isnt! Lauren heard around the office that Bonnie is extremely ticklish and dreads the thought of being tickled. So, Lauren seizes her moment and tries to trick Bonnie, taking her prisoner as they are preparing for a night out together, Lauren hopes to tickle Bonnie into giving her not only a promotion but a HUGE pay rise as well! And if that doesn’t work she is prepared to blackmail Bonnie with the footage of her being tickled, knowing she would never want that to get out to family,friends and work colleagues! Lauren will stop at nothing till she gets what she wants. Bonnie has a simple choice, give in to Lauren’s demands or be tickled and risk utter humiliation. I wonder how long she will last

Length: 5:08
Resolution: 1280×720

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