LaurenLouise – Mother Tickling Daughter

Lauren has always been rebellious and uncontrollable. She has been a living nightmare for her mum. It has been problem after problem with Lauren. Even now at the age of 20 she still pinches the odd cigarette without even asking! She has always been uncontrollable, Well enough is enough. Lauren’s mum has decided it’s time she was punished and taught a lesson. Whilst Lauren is tied up and gagged helplessly. There is nothing Lauren hates more than being tickled, knowing this her mum unleashes a relentless 12 minutes of the harshest cruelest tickling possible. No matter how hard Lauren begs and pleads her mum does not care and does not stop. After this punishment Lauren is surely never going to step out of line again especially seeing as her mum has recorded the event knowing she can use it to blackmail Lauren if she ever steps out of line again. From now on i can’t see anything other than Lauren being obedient and doing exactly as she is told

Length: 12:34
Resolution: 1280×720

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