LoraCross – Lora Cross She Is Just Toe Delicious

Sinthia Bee is on the couch, and Lora Cross has been having a craving to worship some feet and toes. Oh, Sinthia Bee is ticklish, but she can put up with it to fulfill Lora’s desires. Both girls are there in the living room, naked, and Sinthia props her feet up with her soles directly facing the camera so that Lora and have access but also put on a show. And put on a show Lora does! Sinthia’s feet and toes get worshiped, tickled, sucked, and licked. It is a lot to bear, but Sinthia is able to do it like a champ!

Length: 5:25
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Lora Cross She Is Just Toe Delicious

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