LoraCross – Sinthia Tickles Lora For Stress Relief

Sinthia Bee is sitting on the couch when her friend Lora Cross comes into the room wearing a nice new lingerie set. Sinthia tells Lora to sit down and relax; she has such a busy schedule this week! The way Lora sits on the couch though… legs propped on Sinthia’s lap, cute little feet completely in view… Sinthia just can’t keep her attention focused on what Lora was saying and starts playing with the feet… Playing turns into tickling, and as Sinthia strokes Lora’s soles, the giggles that emerge from Lora’s lips are music to Sinthia’s ears. Sinthia is relentless as she tickles Lora’s feet, and Lora both hates and loves the tickling at the same time. Sinthia moves to caress and tickle Lora’s armpits and belly, before sitting on Lora’s abdomen to pin her down and returning to tickle Lora’s feet again. Lora’s stress is finally relieved by the lovely tickling fun.

Length: 7:47
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Sinthia Tickles Lora For Stress Relief

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