OurFantasyChest – Gwen Returns the Favour – Episode 2 (FULL)


* This Video is Both Part 1 & 2 of “Gwen Returns the Favour” *

Gwen want’s to thank Myles for such a great foot worship session; Trouble is, Myles has another interesting secret. Having his feet worshiped makes him insanely horny. So much so, that he’s not so sure he could hold still for a foot worship session.

Gwen has just the thing for that, as she asks him, Don’t you have bed ties?

Excitement and nervousness comes over Myles as the last strap locks securely around him and he finds himself completely helpless and at Gwen’s mercy.

Watch as Gwen methodically teases Myles, going back and forth between licking his crazy sensitive soles and slowly worshiping his cock. Over and over she repeats her pattern until Myles begins to get desperate. Will she let him cum?

Duration: 25:07.339
Size: 1 482,892 Mb

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