OurFantasyChest – No Mercy! – Episode 24 (Part 1) Myles First Nonstop Tickle Torture!


* This is PART 1 of a 4 PART Series *

Have you ever watched a desperately ticklish man being tickled without mercy? I don’t just mean tickled, or tickled with a “Safe Word.” That stuff’s all good and fun, but I’m talking about tickled with NO MERCY.

Non-stop, relentless tickling, until that incredibly ticklish man is lost to the laughter, and all that’s left to him, is the feeling of his beautifully ticklish body being devoured endlessly by hungry tickling fingers!

Have you ever seen that?! Because you’re about too …

Myles needs no introduction into the tickling world. We’ve all seen how wonderfully, hopelessly and deliciously ticklish my man is! BUT, it’s all just been playful until this session. We’ve only just “tickled the surface” of his truly ticklish potential… the tip of the iceberg as it were! Now, I’m going to truly test the limits of his ticklishness. Sure, it’s a bit mean, but you and I both know we want to see it! It’s incredibly hot to watch him laugh in desperation, so try not to feel too bad for him as I push him beyond his limits, I know I didn’t.

I took a simple approach to get the ball rolling, by straddling above his helpless arms, and beginning to map out his amazingly sensitive upper body. I discovered that there really isn’t an inch of flesh up there that isn’t incredibly ticklish, but as I dipped my long, sharp, scribbling nails into the hollows of his pits, I found them to be the money spot. They will be his downfall! The spot that will soon teach him the definition of “No Mercy!”

Only 5 minutes in and I’ve destroyed him. His giggles and laughter have pushed to a new limit, frantically quivering and bouncing in his tight bonds! I’ve also learned the power of hope and how it makes a man even MORE ticklish! All you gotta do is give him a break for a second or two, and the hope that it’s over, quickly turns into the anticipation for when it will start again! This, of course, makes it tickle SO MUCH MORE!

Poor thing, we’re just getting started! He’s going to be here for close to an hour …

Watching him laugh is making me quite horny, so I purposely throw in some very light and sensual tickles, it’s still unbearable for him, but it also does the trick in heating him up. At the end of it all, his cock is going to be mine, and I want him ready for it when the time comes… Having him right where I want him, I give him a few moments to wait, the anticipation building, while I plan out round two!

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