OurFantasyChest – No Mercy! – Episode 24 (Part 2) Myles is Broken!


After leaving Myles tied to the bed for 10 minutes to wait in anticipation for his next dose of tickling, the delicious guy’s skin is on fire, his sensitivity cranked up to the max! Or is it? Let’s find out shall we?! And don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about my little plan to make him hot and turn him on during our tickle exploration! I’m convinced that making him insanely horny will have wonderful side effects on his ticklishness …

I return to straddling above his arms, the very act of doing so makes him beg and plead with me! It must feel like such a helpless, terribly ticklish position to be in, someone sitting on your tied arms, hovering their devilishly sharp nails inches from your deathly ticklish pits?! All well! I’m sure he’ll survive! Let’s get back to enjoying his upper body shall we? Maybe incorporate his nipples in the process? That will be sure to make him crazy horny!

As I begin to add in some very sensual tickling, kissing his crotch and licking his inner thighs, he actually starts asking me to play with his nipples! Perfect! I start quickly switching between tickling him and sucking his nipples. Back and forth I go, until I decide to do both at the same time, and that’s when I hit another jackpot! The very moment I lick one of his nipples, while tickling his armpits, he almost cums! Obviously I don’t let him yet! We have SO much more fun to have!

I’m pretty awesome! I have managed to combine (with somewhat perfect results I might add) pleasure and tickling into the exact same thing! With his nerves cranked up this high, the act of tickling him, might as well be like sucking on his cock! He giggles and laughs, while simultaneously moaning, as the tickling inches him to the edge of orgasm! (Which, like I said, he’s a long way from!)

Side note: During my playing, I accidentally discover that Myles has a VERY ticklish belly button! Interesting, that’s new! I’m going to put that one in my back pocket for later! But right now, I think I’m going to make him wait in anticipation some more, before I come back and devour his nipples with a couple of SUPER SOFT feather brushes? Yea. I think that’s what I’ll do!

Duration: 9:01.340
Size: 653,2 Mb

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