OurFantasyChest – No Mercy! – Episode 24 (Part 4) Good Tickle Slaves Get to Cum!


Pro Tip: If you want to break your tickle toy, offer them a break from the tickling, and before they can answer… Start tickling the fuck out of them again! Worked like a dream on Myles, as I mounted my magical tickle toy, and dug my sharp nails back into his devastatingly ticklish armpits!

I look down in glee at him (Feeling VERY turned on at this point!) as he tells me how confused his body feels. That he feels SO ticklish, but also SO horny at the same time! Wonderful! At this point I could literally do anything to him and it’s just going to make him more horny and more ticklish, so I just keep playing with him, reminding him that he won’t be cumming! … Which is a HUGE lie at this point! I’m going to drain that big, beautiful cock of his, but not before I make sure he’s completely broken! I want him to remember this session. I want him to believe that it can’t possibly get any worse than this, that way when I break him even more next time, it will just be that much more incredible! So I lick his nipples feverishly and make him think it’s finally time to cum, before once more straddling above his arms, to tickle the hell out of him again! I’m an evil genius!

Next comes my favourite part of this whole session! Tickling & rubbing hot massage oil all over his nipples, to bring him to the edge of orgasm, before stopping and doing it all over again. And again, and again, and again! I found that slow, gentle circles around his nipples worked best, causing him to be in a constant state of orgasm! Adding a little light inner thigh tickling was the cherry on top and SO diabolically mean! A tied man never looked so tasty!

After bringing him to the edge A LOT, I finally reach in and grab his rock hard cock, stroking it and firmly massage his shaft and balls while he quivers and moans in his bonds for me. He honestly looked good enough to eat! His beautiful cock dripping in precum and his cute body glistening in oil! Using my thumb, I begin to rub circles on the tip of his cock, while licking circles on his nipples, until he’s about to cum again… Then I stop for a moment, before taking him in my warm, hungry mouth, devouring his dick while still playing with his nipples! Time for my wonderful toy to blow!

The experience had been so incredible for him, that he begged me not to finish him! I’m guessing the pleasure of it all was so amazing that he didn’t want it to end? Not my problem though! I just wanted to see him shoot his hot load now, and there was nothing he could do to stop it! Besides, he’ll have plenty more opportunities to beg, laugh and moan for me in the future! A tickle and sex toy this good needs to be played with on a very regular basis…

Duration: 11:10.436
Size: 810,943 Mb

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