RFStudioProduction – Leya, Astrid and Alevtina got into the clutches of vile tickler Luca part 2 – Sweet revenge of the girls

Leya, Alevtina, and Astrid managed to free themselves from the ropes and sticky tape, but they aren’t going to run away and are determined to take revenge on stupid Luca. While he’s in his warehouse looking for new tickling devices, they sneak up behind him and knock him out with a bat.

When Luca woke up, he was already tightly strapped to the bench with his bare feet in stocks and all toes tied. He has only shorts and a tight leather mask over his head, that the girls had found in his warehouse. They were waiting for him to wake up to properly take revenge on him. They stuffed his mouth with their dirty socks and fastened a belt over it.

Before tormenting Luca’s feet and body, the girls decide to look into his shorts. Leya took a look into the shorts and gets very touched, bursting into laughter. She saw Luca’s tiny dick there and it made her laugh out loud. The rest of the girls also looked and giggled. Well, nasty Luca, it’s time for retribution!

By the way, the girls speak (or try to speak) some swear words in Italian in this clip 🙂

The three girls turned into angry beasts and began to tickle Luca’s feet, armpits, and ribs with furious power. They use brushes, electric toothbrushes, as well as their sharp nails. They, again and again, come up and look into Luca’s shorts to humiliate him with their loud laughter.
Luca yells and squeals a lot, in a word he suffers, but this just turns on and amuses the girlfriends very much.
In addition to tickling, they also hit Luca’s soles with a bamboo cane and also shove their feet into his mouth making him lick their feet.
Having had enough of sweet revenge, the girls decide to take a time out and rest. Who knows, maybe Luca’s suffering hasn’t ended yet…

Length: 35:14
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Leya, Astrid and Alevtina got into the clutches of vile tickler Luca part 2 – Sweet revenge of the girls

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