RoseFetishGarden – Evil Nurse Rose has a New Patient! Kim Chi!

Nurse Rose was giddy as a school girl because today she was going to give Kim Chi a new patient her first round of treatment. Ms. Chi’s family paid the hefty sum to have Ms. Chi acquitted into her insane asylum. Nurse Rose had prior to the payment explained that the treatment at this facility was different from other asylum’s and that they had a more hands on approach. When she asked them if Ms. Chi was ticklish, she became very excited when they answered she was extremely ticklish and didn’t like being tickled. Rose couldn’t wait to get her hands and toys on Ms. Chi. Ms. Chi is wearing just a straitjacket and she is strapped down to the medical table with her feet in the foot press. Nurse Rose always has a bit of a learning curve with her first time patients. The foot press was unable to hold her feet, but that just made nurse Rose want to tickle them even more intensely. Then halfway through Ms. Chi manages to slip out of her straps, so Rose straps her down tighter. Will Ms. Chi be the first patient to ever break free? Will nurse Rose ever get a taste of her own medicine? Buy the clip to find out.

Length: 11:55
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Evil Nurse Rose has a New Patient! Kim Chi!

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