RoseFetishGarden – Getting my Revenge on Cordelia Addams!

In this clip I get to introduce my good friend Cordelia Addams. She started off in the BDSM lifestyle first before breaking into modeling just like I did and we are really good friends in real life. She is very local to me and is open to staring in custom clips plus she is willing to do double Domme sessions along side me. This is her first ever tickle clip. In this clip I am getting my revenge for the tickling she had just given me(Clip to be released at a later date.). I have her in my custom built tickle stocks and she is wearing a bra, panties, and tan pantyhose. I do eventually rip her pantyhose to show off he bare feet. She responds really well to light tickles and has the cutest reactions when tickled. She even sorts a few times while I am tickling her. I use my skilled fingers, hairbrushes, and my Pursonics with the flosser attachments. Enjoy! The leather cuffs and collars in this clip were by . Check them out they are good friends of ours.

Length: 14:58
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Getting my Revenge on Cordelia Addams!

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