RoseFetishGarden – Kim Chi’s Treatment Continues

Nurse Rose is in the middle of an important phone call with her boss when Kim Chi escapes from her room and sneakily walks up to Rose’s feet. Kim Chi takes off Rose’s shoes and begins to tickle her nylon covered soles. Rose tries really hard to keep her composure while talking to her boss. Ms. Chi eventually rips Rose’s nylons to reveal her bare feet making the tickling worse. When Rose finishes her phone call Ms. Chi runs back into her room and Rose angrily goes after her. When Rose gets into her room she doesn’t see Ms. Chi and gets caught off guard which allows Ms.Chi to grab her. Ms. Chi makes Rose pass out in her arms. When Rose wakes up she finds herself sitting in a chair with her feet out in front of her on a foot rest in bondage. Rose is finally getting a taste of her own medicine getting relentlessly tickled by Ms. Chi. Ms. Chi runs off leaving Rose time to escape. When Kim Chi comes back Rose grabs her and she goes into a deep rest. We cut to Ms. Chi strapped to the bondage table, her wrist tied to the table, her ankles tied, her big toes tied attached to a strap and nurse Rose is ready for some delicious payback. Ms.Chi tries to win Rose’s affection, but she ignores it. Will Kim Chi finally escape? Buy the clip to find out.

Length: 30:34
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Kim Chi’s Treatment Continues

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