RoseFetishGarden – Macy’s Foot Press Tickle Interrogation!

This scene starts with Macy strapped down on the table, her hands fastened to each side of the table via leather cuffs, and her legs are also firmly strapped down to the table, ankles bound together. The foot press is hovering above her feet but has not been lowered and fastened yet. Rose walks in to sit down at Macy’s feet and Macy starts asking why she is there. Rose tells her none of that matters and the only thing that matters is getting the code to her safe where her money is located. Macy refuses to give up the info, so Rose starts to lower the foot press making her feet taunt. Macy begs and pleas because her feet are too ticklish. Rose was hired to get the info from her and plans to give Macy a harsh foot tickling to get it. Will Macy crack and give Rose the code? Buy the clip to find out.

Length: 17:22
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Macy’s Foot Press Tickle Interrogation!

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