RoseFetishGarden – Tickling Bella Ink for the First Time!

I got super excited when I saw the lovely and hot Bella Ink was going to be visiting near my neck of the woods. I have been seeing clips of her getting tickled for years and I had to see for myself if she truly was that ticklish. Man is she ever and she probably is hands down one of the most ticklish models I have ever had the joy of tickling! I get her really good in this clip and tickle her all over. She had never had a Pursonic used on her before and when my Pursonic with the flossier attachment hit her toes she went ballistic (It’s a good thing I own two!). I put her in my tickle stocks and all of her toes are tied back. You can tell she was exhausted after I had my way with her. Enjoy!

Length: 13:12
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickling Bella Ink for the First Time!

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