SoleMatesFootography – Summer Fun, Vol. II

This smokin’ blonde gets it good all over in this clip, which includes both the entire upper-body segment that had been edited down to the belly-only bits for “Summy’s Tummer”, which features Summer getting it on her armpits, ribs, and yes, belly button with paintbrush, fingers, and the mother of all shriekmakers, the sonic toothbrush. But that’s not all! You foot fans can enjoy the second half, which is a picture-in-picture ticklefest whereby Summer’s feet, including her toes, get tickled by both paintbrush and fingers… all while she tells me tales of one of her previous boyfriends, who totally didn’t have a foot fetish at all. Honest.

Length: 11:38
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Summer Fun, Vol. II

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