StarNine – Tickle Arousal Candle Boxxx Star Nine

I’m (Star Nine) leading a college seminar on proper arousal techniques with sexual tickling and my model will be Candle Boxxx. She’s a little shy but wants to be professional as she slips off her silk robe in front of the students. She lies flat with her arms overhead, stretching taut on the table. My red fingernails hover over her body like a Reikki massage and the tickling anticipation makes her shiver in excitement. Her flat belly gets concave and her ribcage expands as she tries to move away from my fingers. Realizing she’s hired for modeling, she tries not to laugh, but her wiggling toes give away her tickling tension. She’s gasping and back arching from tit tickling and the sensitive nipple tickle. In order to keep the sensation and avoid overstimulation, I go back to the belly tickle. Inner thigh tickling is a hard tickle challenge and the tickling tension causes her to have wiggling feet and wrinkling soles as she tries to maintain control. Given a break, Candle is bound in the Eiffel tower position with her arms overhead and legs spread. She’s helpless to the bondage tickling demonstration. A makeup brush is perfect for sensual tickling and Star starts with belly button tickling. The armpit tickling, breast tickles and inner thigh tickles make a dramatic arching back, but the clit tickling causes squirming. In a tease and denial game, the Professor makes her subject wait with anticipation before intense pussy tickling. Her red toenails point and flex she cums hard from the tickling orgasm.

Length: 19:43
Resolution: 1920×1080

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