StudioBlackheart – Sisters Secret Foot Fetish


So today I was in my bedroom, you know just hanging out when my step-sister Akira knocked on the door. Kind of weird because normally she just walks right in like it’s her bedroom. Anyway, she walks in wearing some weird cat onesie or something that gave me a good laugh but her choice of wardrobe wasn’t the weirdest thing that was happened. She and I are just chatting and well, mid-conversation she just grabs my feet and asked if she could suck on my toes! I was so shocked at her request that I freaking agreed to it because I didn’t know what else to say. She was licking the soles of my feet, kissing them, sucking my toes, rubbing them and she even started tickling them! I don’t know what has gotten into her but I think maybe she is just experimenting with some weird fetish? I don’t know to be honest. Don’t tell her but I really enjoyed it, maybe if I am lucky she will come back in tomorrow wanting more.”

Duration: 7:49.101
Size: 335,991 Mb

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