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ZenTickling – Emily Tries the Stocks

It’s Emily’s turn to try out our stocks! Edith gets the ball rolling, gently tickling Emily’s bare soles. Her feet are not the most ticklish (actually I think she enjoys it a bit) but we manage to get her going. Edith and I find it effective to tag team Emily and tickle multiple places at once. Several times she bucks so hard that she nearly manages to fall out of the stocks. Her knees and sides are very ticklish and she can barely stand it as we tickle those spots as well as her soft foot bottoms.

Length: 4:21
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Emily Tries the Stocks

TickleIntensive – Janine Jericho Wrapped

Age: 42

Foot Size: 6


Hot and ticklish Canadian Janine is wrapped and toetied on the bed TOPLESS for some nonstop tickling!

Courtney and Ari cruelly tickle Janine from head to toe with a focus on her extremely ticklish feet. TWENTY SHARP FINGERNAILS RAKING HER SOLES has this blonde hottie shrieking and cackling with peals of hysterical laughter! Her bare breasts heave and bounce as she gasps for air, begging for the tickling to stop, but it only gets worse. The girls torment her feet with dual combs and dual brushes, making her scream with frustration and laughter until she’s out of breath!

“NO, NO, PLEASE – HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” shrieks Janine.

But the girls pay no attention to her protests and proceed to sadistically tickle her armpits, sides, BARE BREASTS, stomach, even her bellybutton and ears! Poor Janine squeals and laughs uncontrollably as every exposed part of body is thoroughly explored by Courtney and Ari’s sadistic ministrations.

Then the girls finish off this ticklish Canadian by tickling her sensitive soles until she’s completely spent!

Length: 10:44
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Janine Jericho Wrapped