TheBKTickler – Helen, the growler’s tickle table debut – feet

Enter Helen. A beautiful model from the Ukraine. I reached out to her for a shoot, and was just as excited as I was to shoot with her. And I was so happy to find out first hand how ticklish is. And the answer was very ticklish. Especially on her feet. Which is the main focus in the clip. Going up and down her feet with my fingers was enough to get her going. And fun fact: she’s a screamer. And I love the screamers. But I wanted to challenge her to see how far she can go without screaming in laughter, cause you already know I didn’t stop with the fingers.. whip out the spike balls to apply against her feet, and with that challenge, instead of screaming, I heard growler. And it sounded so cute. And that’s when I nicknamed her THE GROWLER. And the growling continued when I whipped out more tools on her ticklish soles. And you’ll beg to hear more of her growls when you purchase this amazing new foot tickle video. Available now

Length: 17:57
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Helen, the growler’s tickle table debut – feet

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