TheBKTickler – Roslyn’s Halloween party detour – feet

Roslyn was en route to a Halloween party, but she made a wrong turn in the wrong direction and ended up in very wrong situation.. next thing you know, she ended tied to a couch in a strange apartment. But she wasn’t alone. And she has no idea what she was in for. While pleading to be let go, it was rolling in deaf ear as I lean towards her beautiful bare feet. All I can think of is “how wonder how ticklish she her feet ?” Well I had a bag of goodies to help find if or should I say HOW ticklish they really are. Find out by purchasing this amazing new Halloween content.. and just remember: this is just part 1.. available now.

Length: 13:46
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Roslyn’s Halloween party detour – feet

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