TheBKTickler – Roslyn’s Halloween party detour – full body

….. this is part 2 of Roslyn ending up in the wrong situation which led to some intense tickle . I had fun with her ticklish Soles, but I’m not sure about the rest of her body. But it’s time to find out. I see her arms tied above her head, leaving her armpits vulnerable. I took advantage by digging my fingers in her pits, and couldn’t handle it at all, cause of her ticklishness.. I even held her arms to keep them still so she has no Choice but to take the tickle given to her armpits.. next I went for her belly. Couldn’t help but to notice she had the cutest belly button, and all I wanted to do was tickle it. So that’s exactly what I did with the help of an electric toothbrush. And some belly raspberries. Which got to her breaking point. But I didn’t care as I went her legs and inner thighs next. She was being tickled to the point where she couldn’t think straight. And all she could do was lay there and take what’s given to her. Whether she made it to the party after I was done with her. She just knows that this will be a Halloween she’ll never forget. Available now!

Length: 9:13
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Roslyn’s Halloween party detour – full body

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