TheBKTickler – The return of Ayla aysel – feet

I got the chance to reunite with Ayla aysel while I was in tampa for a week. Which was great in many ways. Because I couldn’t wait to show her my new tools to use in her ticklish body. Of course I love starting with the feet. Especially since Ayla’s feet is as ticklish as they come. I decided to go slow in the beginning.. basically fingers, finger pics, electric toothbrushes, etc. (yes, that’s my definition of going slow.) compare to introducing her to the new tickle machine, everything else was slow motion for her. And she’s actually the first to experience my new toy. It’s availAble now to see how much I add using it on her.

Length: 20:10
Resolution: 640×360

Download – The return of Ayla aysel – feet

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