TheBKTickler – The tickle punishment and pleasure of general Lewis

So I have general Lewis in my possession. I’m putting her through interrogation for information. And with my methods, which happens to be tickling, being very effective, I’m sure I was gonna get the info that I needed. But it wasn’t enough for me. I was enjoying seeing her bonded to the bed being put through my tortuous methods. So I decided to have a little fun myself. I noticed she had a very nice body. And one of the most perfect set of boobs I have ever seen. Let’s say I found out how ticklish they are. While playing with those, I then noticed how much of a sexy belly she has. I decided to mix pleasure with . It happened to still be ticklish for her as I worshipped her belly. Now here’s when things get more interesting. I noticed her vagina was exposed and I had a perfect tool for that and All I thought was what better way to mix some tickle …than with an orgasm ??? It’s available now to find out.

Length: 21:01
Resolution: 960×540

Download – The tickle punishment and pleasure of general Lewis

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