TheLaughingLatina – Jasmine Little Step-Brother Tickle Torment!

You have a big step-brother. But he always wants to have tickle fights with you. You hate it because he always gets on top of you and dominates you because he is stronger.

You find a potion online and you drink it. Making you stronger and taller.

The clip starts here: You drink the potion and say: haha we’ll see who is in charge from now on.
He walks into your room and says that he feels like having a tickle fight. You are in your bed, under sheets. You say that it’s ok.

You get out of bed and walk to him. He sees that you are much much bigger than you used to be. Stand in front of him and look down on him with a big smile and big eyes. He gets scared and tries to run away. But you overpower him with ease.

Keep his hands down with both of your hands and do anticipation talk like “HHMMMMMMM” and “I’m gonna get you!!!!” Hold his hands above his head with one hand and tickle his armpits with the other hand. Treat him like a “little” step-brother.

Also, pin him down with legs tightly securing his arms and then tickle him. (added some images to see how you should do it). Use baby talk. Try to make big eyes and smile a lot.

I really like good facial expressions. Whenever he’s pinned down, sometimes make some silly faces at him to humiliate him (cross eyes, stick out tongue, wiggle fingers next to head).

Also, try to do some raspberries in his neck. Tickle with your nails. Sometimes with one finger and say that this one finger is stronger than him. sometimes tickle the air first and slowly come closer with fingers.

The step-brother should be really squirming and ticklish and have nervous laughter before you tickle him. He should beg you not to do it. But you don’t care because this is what he has done to you all his life.

Length: 10:25
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Jasmine Little Step-Brother Tickle Torment!


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