TickleAbuse – The Seductress

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Samantha has invited Tommy over after a shoot, he definitely thinks she is more than a little interested in him, especially after seeing the way she has flirted with him recently. He arrives at her place, she makes it clear that she wants him, Tommy is confident as ever and plays it cool, he thinks he has her in the bag. They move to the sofa and Samantha offers him a glass of wine. He continues to put the moves on her, she is still as flirtatious as ever. While she is seducing him and making him feel comfortable, he drinks away not knowing that she has put a little something special in his drink. He soon passes out and Samantha knows that her night of fun is about to begin. Tommy wakes tied to her bed, feet together with toes tied and his arms spread to each corner. Samantha wakes him up with tickling after oiling his feet, he knows he is screwed! Samantha lets him know that he is long overdo for some payback, that he always has her get tickled and has been thinking about nothing else than getting some revenge for the gang tickling he made her do! She relentlessly tickles his feet, he begs for her to stop but she won’t. Just when he thinks it may be over, she moves to his upper body and now Tommy is totally screwed, she knows he cannot take foot tickling and even more so cannot take the lightest touch on his armpits. She wrecks him, taunting and teasing him the whole time.

Video: WMP v9 (VC-1 Simple/Main), 1280×720,, 4011 kbps,  fps
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