TickleAbuse – TickleAbuse X Gorgeous Danielle On Her Back

This is the next installment of the TickleAbuseX series. Brooke and Danielle went out to a local bar, the guys were all over them, especially Danielle who is looking hotter than ever. Brooke has been wanting Danielle for so long, but Danielle just wants to be friends. Brooke convinces her to take off her shoes, and starts to rub her socked feet. She tickles them and Danielle is taken aback a bit, but she is more submissive in nature and puts up with it. Brooke takes off Danielle’s socks and starts to lick and tickle Danielle’s feet. Danielle thinks this going a little too far and decides its time to leave. Brooke insists they have one more drink, and puts something special in it. Danielle , wakes up stuck to floor, totally helpless, Brooke is going to have some fun. She teases her with feathers, then gets to business. Brooke punishes Danielle’s tanned and toned body with fingers, brush and her tongue. She tortures her feet and pays special attention to her armpits. Brooke always wanted to have her way with Danielle and licks her armpits till Danielle can no longer take it. Danielle isn’t angry though, you can tell she is getting turned on and definitely wont be angry after.

Duration: 16:57.572
Size: 466,22 Mb

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