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This is a MASTERFUL tickle torture interrogation scene with the newly returned MILF Mia! No description we could give would do the banter between these two justice. If you like tickle torture interrogations you'll LOVE this!! Heidi is one of Mia's "agents" and she's been awol for quite some time. Mia has some intel that would indicate that Heidi could be working for someone elses interests and so Mia decides to debrief her missing agent and ask her a few "questions". Heidi is very evasive in answering Mia's questions. Mia admits that her task isn't easy because anyone who works for her is going to be devoid of any weaknesses to interrogation. Heidi is no different but Mia does know one weakness and she's going to exploit it. Mia slowly begins to remove Heidi's heels and dragging the heel/toe of the shoe down her stocking-covered sole! A few quick giggles and jerks let Mia know that her plan was a good one. "Do you have anything to tell me?" Mia asks as her fingers lightly stroke Heidi's feet. When Mia doesn't get the answer she wants MIA VICIOUSLY RAKES HER NAILS ON HEIDI'S SOLE SENDING HER INTO A FIT OF LAUGHTER! "Tickle tickle tickle" Mia coos at Heidi as she continues to ask her questions and reassures her that lack of answers will lead to nonstop tickle torture! Stockings and then bare Mia viciously torments Heidi as she digs for answers! After a LONG FOOT TICKLING Mia heads to Heidi's upperbody for more torture. SHE ATTACKS HER UNDERARMS AND RIBS WITH MALICIOUS INTENT COMPLETELY BREAKING HEIDI! Again, trying to describe Mia's torturous ways is very hard to do, you just need to watch this!!!

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Download – Heidi's Tickle Torture Interrogation

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