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Newcomer Jasmine is in for a VERY SEVERE TICKLING you DO NOT WANT TO MISS!!! This is some pretty serious TICKLE TORTURE she endures. You'll recall that Danica's mom Jasmine helped her tickle torture Dacy for flirting with Danica's boyfriend. Dacy's mom even helped in the end but afterwards Mia felt bad and realized she didn't know the whole story. Like any good mom would do she got Jasmine tied up for her daughter to allow her some heavy duty tickle revenge for what she suffered at the hands of Jasmine. Jasmine is SUPER ticklish and definiltey in trouble. Dacy teases her a bit to start and then it's onto the bare feet! Mia locks her foot down in a headlock style hold as Dacy goes to work! DACY SCRIBBLES HER NAILS VICIOUSLY ON JASMINE'S BARE SOLE CAUSING HER TO TOTALLY EXPLODE INTO INSANE LAUGHTER!!! Jasmine can't take being tickled and it's clear she should've thought of that when she decided to tickle the hell out of Dacy! Dacy loves to tickle and what better situation than to do it for revenge! DACY MOVES TO THE OTHER FOOT WITH MIA'S HELP AND AGAIN ATTACKS HER BARE SOLE WITHOUT MERCY WITH HER SHORT SHARP NAILS AS JASMINE GOES TO PIECES IN HYSTERIA!! Dacy is totallywithout remorse. Mia gets some tickling in too as the split up and each take a foot. UNDERARM AND UPPERBODY TICKLE LOVERS WILL GO NUTS WHEN YOU SEE DACY INVADE JASMINE'S INSANELY TICKLISH UNDERARMS FOR SEVERE TICKLE TORTURE REVENGE. Jasmine is saying all kinds of nasty things and begging and pleading for it all to stop. JASMINE JUST CAN'T TAKE IT AS DACYS STRONG LITTLE FINGERS RELENTLESSLY TORTURE HER EXPOSED VULNERABLE RIBS AND ARMPITS!!! IT'S VICIOUS! Dacy all the while smiling thinking "Thought you'd get away with it????". Jasmine was nearly insane by the end!! DO NOT MISS THIS IF YOU LOVE TICKLE TORTURE!!!

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