TickleCuties – Arielle Roped and Tickled

Meet Arielle Lane – a tall, beautiful gal who absolutely HATES being tickled. We roped her tightly to the chair for her first go-round with us. The Tickler ATTACKS HER BIG, BARE FEET WITH HIS FINGERS, getting some great reactions out of poor, helpless Arielle. He especially gets her going when he TICKLES THE PADS OF HER BIG TOES. He then grabs the hairbrush, and VICIOUSLY SCRUBS HER SOLES WITH IT. This REALLY gets some intense reactions out of of the poor bound girl. He lastly uses the Hitachi on her SOLES and TOES – Arielle doesn’t much care for that, either! But now it’s time for the real fun. The Tickler makes Arielle hold the Hitachi between her feet as he moves up to the bound girl’s upper body. When The Tickler attacks Arielle’s ARMPITS, she goes absolutely NUTS with laughter, thrashing as best as she can, and struggling not to drop the Hitachi from between her feet. In a moment of rebelliousness, Arielle says “fuck you” to The Tickler – bad move. He reacts by BRUTALLY TICKLING HER RIBS, HIPS, AND ARMPITS, and makes Arielle apologize several times before finally ending what was one of the more intense tickle- scenes we’ve ever filmed…even despite it being such a short scene. We think poor Arielle learned her lesson

Duration: 6:08.652
Size: 179,168 Mb

Download – Arielle Roped and Tickled

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