TickleCuties – Battle of Big Feet – Part 1 Kordelia

Ever wanted to see two beautiful big-footed girls take turns tickle-tormenting each other? Watch Bianca, with her size 10 feet, go all-out on the GORGEOUS size 9 feet of Kordelia Devonshire! These two girls want to claim the most beautiful big feet, so they’re going to tickle each other to see who wins. First Kordlia is tied, and Bianca is going to torment those perfect size 9 feet with all her energy. Bianca starts by TEASING KORDELIA’S SOLES AND TOES WITH A FEATHER. Kordelia is truly a girl who LOVES and HATES being tickled at the same time, so she moans and growls while she laughs and squeals. Bianca quickly replaces the feather and uses her RED NAILS TO LIGHTLY SCRATCH AND TICKLE KORDELIA’S PERFECT SOLES. Kordelia writhes around and continues moaning and laughing. Bianca increases pace and intensity, really digging her nails good into Kordelia’s feet…Bianca then OILS UP KORDELIA’S FEET – it’s SO hot to see such beautiful big feet oiled up like that! Bianca then resumes her fingernail attack, MERCILESSLY TORMENTING KORDELIA’S OILED SOLES AND TOES, and then uses a HAIRBRUSH to SCRUB her oiled feet! The brush and increased fingernail intensity push Kordelia closer to the edge, and her laughter intensifies. Bianca switches back and attacks Kordelia’s perfect feet with her wicked fingernails again, and then finishes her off with the hairbrush. Look for part 2 next, with Kordelia getting some revenge! This clip is 100% foot tickling, mostly with fingers, and contains a TON of close-ups of Kordelia’s absolutely perfect feet!

Duration: 10:28.620
Size: 309,77 Mb

Download – Battle of Big Feet – Part 1 Kordelia

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