TickleCuties – Battle of Big Feet – Part 2 Bianca

Now it’s time for Kordelia Devonshire to get her revenge on Bianca’s BEAUTIFUL SIZE 10 FEET! Kordelia starts slow, TEASING BIANCA’S BIG FEET WITH A FEATHER as the tall redhead twitches and squeals. After a few minutes with the feather, Kordelia starts SCRABBLING HER FRENCH MANICURED NAILS ALL OVER BIANCA’S SOLES! Bianca is INSANELY ticklish, and squirms and bucks like crazy! Kordelia then OILS UP BIANCA’S SOFT SIZE 10 FEET, and WICKEDLY TICKLES THEM WITH HER NAILS. She then uses a HAIRBRUSH to mercilessly scrub Bianca’s OILED SOLES, driving the tall tied girl absolutely crazy! Kordelia finishes Bianca off with her LONG NAILS, combining playful teasing with brutal tickle-torment, finally the redhead to admit that Kordelia is the winner of the “Battle of Big Feet!” 100% foot tickling with a TON of close-ups of Bianca’s huge size 10 feet in this clip

Duration: 11:37.997
Size: 344,591 Mb

Download – Battle of Big Feet – Part 2 Bianca

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