TickleCuties – Big Feet Little Feet Part 1 Asia

Which do you like better – big feet, or little feet? Time to settle the debate in “Big Feet, Little Feet,” and watch two girls exchange WICKED FOOT TICKLING sessions with each other while COMPARING THEIR FOOT SIZES. Asia is first, tied tightly down, while Amo spends 10 minutes TICKLE-TORMENTING her tiny size 6 feet. This is 100% foot tickling – mostly using fingernails, but Amo also makes use of a feather, a hairbrush, and the Hitachi vibrator. Amo verbally TAUNTS AND TEASES Asia and makes fun of her small feet, even holding her own big SIZE 12 feet up against Asia’s, comparing size and stating why BIG FEET are better than LITTLE FEET. There’s even a bit of feet-fighting, and Amo also discovers that the tops of Asia’s feet are EXTREMELY sensitive – what a cute find that was!

Duration: 10:11.895
Size: 301,805 Mb

Download – Big Feet Little Feet Part 1 Asia

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