TickleCuties – Infiltrated by Mistress Viper – Part 2 – Mistress Viper Pays The Price


The Bruiser wants payback. Mistress Viper had used a false identity to infiltrate The League of Super Heroines, and had interrogated her with brutal tickling techniques. Bruiser used a neck pinch to capture Mistress Viper, who is now tied with her BARE FEET VULNERABLE. Bruiser then tries to Mistress Viper to give up the passcode to the Villains’ Hideout – but Viper resists. Bruiser then turns the tables, and TICKLES THE SOFT, BARE FEET OF EVIL MISTRESS VIPER. Buiser starts with finger tickling, and then SCRATCHES VIPER’S SOLES AND BETWEEN HER TOES WITH THE FEATHER QUILL. Bruiser then uses the hairbrush to SCRUB THE SOLES of Mistress Viper – but Viper, through her laughing, whimpering and protesting, does not give in. Bruiser then OILS UP THE SOLES OF MISTRESS VIPER, and BRUTALLY TICKLE-TORMENTS HER SOLES with her nails and the hairbrush. Bruiser mocks and insults the villainess as she MERCILESS TORMENTS HER TICKLISH FEET, and finally breaks the will of the evil Mistress Viper. Tons of funny dialog in this one between the two gals. Viper is very ticklish, but yells and protests as much as she laughs in this one, as she tries to FIGHT AGAINST THE LAUGHTER!100% barefoot tickling in this clip!

Duration: 10:28.449
Size: 310,327 Mb

Download – Infiltrated by Mistress Viper – Part 2 – Mistress Viper Pays The Price

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