TickleCuties – Jolene Hogtied and Tormented

Gorgeous Jolene Valkyrie returned, and we got her hogtied right away for some good ol’ fashioned tickle-! The Tickler toys with her SIZE 9 FEET, TICKLING THEM PLAYFULLY as Jolene squeals and laughs, thrashing wildly against her hogtie. The Tickler goes for her RIBS, too, which are ULTRA-TICKLISH, and her worst spot! About a minute in, Jolene thrashes SO badly that she pulls her hogtie apart! After a quick cut for a re-tie (not shown in the clip), The Tickler OBLITERATES JOLENE’S FEET AND RIBS, making her safe-word, and making her thrash so badly that she tumbles OFF THE COUCH and ONTO THE FLOOR! Jolene’s upper body is INSANELY ticklish, and her feet are pretty bad, too. We had a blast tormenting her without mercy! Jolene thrashes and wriggles about as violently as anyone we’ve worked with.

Duration: 6:09.303
Size: 66,545 Mb

Download – Jolene Hogtied and Tormented

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