TickleCuties – Jolene’s Revenge on Jacky


You know what they say about pay-backs….Jolene has Jacky locked up in the stocks for some revenge! Jacky’s laugh is hilarious – a mix of silent twitching and shrieks. Jolene ATTACKS JACKY’S SOLES AND TOES MERCILESSLY WITH HER NAILS, tickling Jacky out of her mind. Jolene works over EVERY INCH OF JACKY’S SENSITIVE FEET, driving Jacky crazy! Jolene teases a bit verbally as she torments the captive blonde. Jacky is STILL squirming too much, so we TIE BACK HER BIG TOES, leaving her SOFT BARE FEET COMPLETELY VULNERABLE TO JOLENE’S DEVILISH TICKLING. Jolene gets particularly evil and uses the HAIRBRUSH TO SCRUB JACKY’S SOLES AND TOES – this drives the pretty blonde completely crazy! Jacky is to safe-word part way through the clip (yes, that’s “purple” she screams”), but Jolene wastes no time resuming the brutal foot tickling attack. Jolene does a few rib grabs and pokes behind Jacky’s knees, too – this makes the blonde try to BITE Jolene’s arm – her only defense. Very cute stuff. These gals are sexy, and we love watching them together.

Duration: 12:20.151
Size: 454,111 Mb

Download – Jolene’s Revenge on Jacky

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