TickleCuties – Molly Hung and Tickled

Who better to shoot our first Damsel in style tickling clip than our own Molly Zeppa? Molly is bound with her arms roped over her head, tied at the wrists and elbows, and GAGGED! In walks the adorable Red Dawn, our newest Cutie, wearing adorable Batman knee-high socks! Red mischievously ties Molly’s ankles as the helpless girl WIGGLES AND CURLS HER TOES! Red then USES A FEATHER TO TEASE AND TICKLE MOLLY’S EXPOSED UNDERARMS! She then switches to a far more evil tactic, and FINGER-TICKLES MOLLY’S ARMPITS, AS THE POOR GIRL WHIMPERS AND GIGGLES THROUGH HER GAG! Red is a naughty tickler, verbally taunting the helpless girl, gives Molly’s ass a few HARD SPANKS, and even scoots down to TICKLE MOLLY’S TOES AS SHE WRIGGLES AND CRIES! Red finally leaves Molly helpless and breathless, unable to escape. We love DID, and if you do, too, this is a clip we’re sure you’ll enjoy!

Duration: 6:53.883
Size: 199,104 Mb

Download – Molly Hung and Tickled

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