TickleCuties – Molly’s Ticklish Armpits

Not sure if you knew this, but ADORABLE MOLLY HAS SUPER-TICKLISH ARMPITS! To prove our point, we roped Molly’s arms over her head, including a neat elbow-tie, to keep her from straightening her arms to wriggle out of the bondage. We roped her knees and ankles, too, just for more leverage. MasoKiss smiles with glee as she gets to use her LONG NAILS TO VICIOUSLY TORMENT MOLLY’S TICKLISH PITS! Molly, as only she can, screams and giggles, while trying to fight against the bondage. When MasoKiss shows no interest in stopping her EVIL TEASING AND TICKLING OF MOLLY’S UNDERARMS, Molly starts trying to wriggle out of her bondage and escape! MasoKiss makes a brief trip down the couch to TICKLE MOLLY’S ULTRA-SOFT SOLES AND TENDER TOES, causing her to wriggle out of her knee bondage. Unfortunately, though, Molly cannot get free from her elbow and arm ties, and MasoKiss TORMENTS HER ARMPITS some more to round out the clip. Great clip for those who like a gal struggling and trying to resist tickling, while fighting against bondage.

Duration: 5:52.787
Size: 66,9 Mb

Download – Molly’s Ticklish Armpits

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