TickleCuties – Reading Endurance Challenge In Nylons 3 Audrey Interviews Lela

Lela comes in for a job interview – she REALLY wants this job! Audrey has moved on from her job as a secretary, and is now the boss of the place Lela is applying to. After reviewing Lela’s resume, Audrey decides to put her through a special interview technique – and decides to see if she can maintain her focus while her FEET ARE BEING TICKLED! Audrey ties Lela’s ankles and legs, and REMOVES HER SHOES, REVEALING HER PERFECT NYLON-CLAD FEET! Audrey then instructs Lela to read from a magazine article and starts TICKLING HER STOCKING FEET to distract her. Lela’s feet are INCREDIBLY SENSITIVE, as Audrey’s devilish fingers explore her ARCHES AND TOES. Lela continues messing up her reading because she’s SO TICKLISH, and Audrey makes her continually start over! No matter how much Lela laughs, squirms, and WIGGLES HER FEET AND TOES, Audrey keeps tickling! Can Lela survive the interview process? This video contains hilarious banter and NON-STOP NYLON FOOT TICKLING (with fingers) for over 18 minutes!

Duration: 18:47.692
Size: 560,604 Mb

Download – Reading Endurance Challenge In Nylons 3 Audrey Interviews Lela

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