TickleCuties – Ripped Nylons and Oiled Soles 1 Audrey


No storyline in this one – just pure tickle torment! We hogtied Audrey on our table with her NYLONS on, and let Serene have at her! Serene MERCILESSLY TICKLES AUDREY’S STOCKING SOLES for about a minute and a half, but then has an even more devilish idea…she SLOWLY RIPS AUDREY’S NYLONS, exposing her WRINKLED, BARE SOLES, and tickles the poor girl out of her mind. We’re now almost 3 mintues in, and Serene gets some BABY OIL, and OILS UP AUDREY’S SOLES, making them shiny and sippery. Serene spends the remainder of the clip absolutely terrorizing Audrey’s OILED, TICKLISH FEET with her fingers and a hairbrush (but mostly fingers). She even gets in a few rib-grabs toward the end of the clip, too, finishing off poor hogtied Audrey by tickling her SOLES and her SIDES at the same time! Clip is almost 100% foot tickling, the first minute nylons, then the rest barefoot.

Duration: 8:28.898
Size: 249,573 Mb

Download – Ripped Nylons and Oiled Soles 1 Audrey

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