TickleFriends – Poppy and Kate Tickled Together


So, Poppy and Kate are good friends in real life (as I’m also great friends with both of them). So I was really excited to get them both in a few scenes together. The first half of this video, is completely candid. Kate started tickling Poppy on the bed while I was getting the ropes setup, and I decided to just roll the camera. So you’ll see them tickling each other, while I struggle to get them to chill out enough for me to get them secured properly to the bed together. The second half is when they’re finally tied up and I’m able to them both. We play a game where one person picks where I tickle the other person, and back and forth. I get them EVERYWHERE. At one point, Kate’s dress comes all the way up exposing her entire body, and Poppy stays in her bra and panties throughout. Near the end, they start to come lose and tickle each other. If you’re wanting some very candid and fun banter during the tickling, this clip is for you. I had so much fun during this clip, and I hope you do too!

Duration: 20:17.299
Size: 466,842 Mb

Download – Poppy and Kate Tickled Together

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