TickleFriends – Santa Tests New Toys On Holly Jolly The Elf


In this Holiday themed clip, Lily St. Haus plays Holly Jolly the elf. Santa is mad that production is slow at his facility, and had plans to fire Holly Jolly, but instead gives her a chance to redeem herself by allowing her to test his new line of toys for adults. Santa ties up Holly Jolly and proceeds to tickle her with pinwheels, chains, and his hands, before sitting her up, removing her top and then doing the same up there. Finally, he ties her straight to the bed and gags her, tickles her more, adds some edible lotion, and nibbles at her a bit, before finally sticking a vibrating toothbrush inside of her, tickling her until she orgasms.

Duration: 22:59.127
Size: 528,88 Mb

Download – Santa Tests New Toys On Holly Jolly The Elf

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