TickleIntensive – Samantha’s Ticklish Ass

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Sexy, super ticklish Samantha finds herself strapped face down to the bed in a skimpy bikini. Tia knows her feet and upperbody are ticklish, but she wants to see how Samantha will react to some ass tickling!! Tia starts off by scribbling her nimble fingers all over Samantha’s hypersensitive size 8’s, smirking as the sensitive Latina immediately squeals with hysterical laughter. She really hates this position because she can’t see where Tia is going to strike next! Baby oil and Tia’s nails have her begging in no time, and the comb and hairbrush just make scream even louder. THE TICKLING IS SO INTENSE FOR SAMANTHA THAT SHE BOUNCES UP AND DOWN ON THE BED IN A VAIN ATTEMPT TO DISTRACT HERSELF FROM THE SENSATIONS! Tia cruelly laughs at her victim’s desperate reactions and moves onto her exposed ass and upperbody. She digs her nails into her ribs and pits, making Samantha to scream with laughter. Then she turns her attention to her defenseless ass, first lubing it up with baby oil, then digging her fingers into her sexy butt, forcing peals of squealing out of poor Samantha. Tia takes FULL ADVANTAGE of the sensitive Latina’s predicament, also exploring the back of her ticklish thighs and knees. By the time it’s over, Samantha can only cough and gasp for air as she is left tied to the bed for another day.

Video: WMP v9 (VC-1 Simple/Main), 1280×720,, 6040 kbps,  fps
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Duration: 10:15.452
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Download – Samantha's Ticklish Ass

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