TickleIntensive – Tammi’s Ticklish Feet

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Tammi is a sexy, innocent 19 year old with a pair of VERY ticklish size 9 feet. She’s looking irresistible locked in the stocks in her skimpy bikini. Red toenails and butter soft soles make her feet irresistible as well, especially when they’re toetied. Kelli is super excited to get her hands on Tammi – she LOVES tickling fresh meat! THE SECOND TAMMI FEELS KELLI’S SHARP NAILS RAKING UP AND DOWN HER SOLES, SHE BURSTS INTO BOUTS OF UNCONTROLLABLE LAUGHTER! Tammi is quickly overwhelmed and drenched in her own sweat, but Kelli is RELENTLESS! She barely lets Tammi catch her breath while she covers her feet in baby oil, then assaults them AGAIN, this time with her nails, dual hairbrushes, and the comb. Tammi HATES the comb between her sensitive toes, so Kelli makes sure to get between each one, driving the helpless girl crazy! Between bouts of laughter, she tries to gather enough breath to beg, but no matter how much she pleads, Kelli won’t stop! Tammi’s upperbody is also ticklish and Kelli makes sure to thoroughly tickle her sensitive pits, ribs, stomach, bellybutton, even her thighs. But Tammi’s feet are her worst spot, and Kelli is soon back to tickle t0rturing those sexy peds while the poor girl continues to scream, struggle, and beg for mercy! By the time it’s over, Tammi is totally exhausted. Her sensitive feet have been literally tickled pink and her sexy body is glistening with sweat.

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Download – Tammi's Ticklish Feet

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