TickleIntensive – Tia’s Attitude Adjustment

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Tia’s tickled a LOT of hot young women this past month and she knows she’s been getting popular. Kelli doesn’t like her snobby attitude and how mouthy she’s been getting lately, so she decides to cut her ego down to size with a mix of tickling and FOOT TORTURE. Locking the petite Asian beauty in the stocks and t0rturing her toetied feet with manicured nails and the Violet Wand should do the trick!

Kelli tickles Tia’s upperbody first, assaulting her pits, ribs, and stomach. She soon moves on to her tiny size 3.5 feet, attacking them with her nails until Tia is screaming for mercy. Then Kelli brings out the Wand, which when touched to bare skin, shocks the victim with an electric shock. Tia HATES electricity and completely loses it. She can actually see electric sparks leaping from the Wand to her bound feet, and this makes it even worse for her. The shocks tickle and sting at the same time, so Tia reacts with a mixture of violent jerks, frantic giggles, and abrupt screams. Her tiny toes are ESPECIALLY sensitive electricity and Kelli makes sure to zap all of her toes… several times.

Towards the end of the clip, Kelli changes the Wand’s attachment from a glass piece to a metal tube, which greatly increases the intensity of the shocks. When she touches the metal to Tia’s soles, the poor girl practically levitates in the stocks, screaming, twisting, doing everything she can to get away from the crackling sparks! But there’s no escape, and Kelli delights in shocking and tickling this Asian babe until her hair is frizzed and her feet are tingling from the electricity.

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Download – Tia's Attitude Adjustment

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