TickleIntensive – Tickle Torture in Korean

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Stacie is a ticklish Korean college student from the local campus. Bianca tickled her size 6 feet WAY too much in the previous scene and Stacie doesn’t want to get back into the stocks. We promise that BIANCA WILL GO EASY ON HER IF SHE’LL BEG IN KOREAN and be blindfolded. She reluctantly agrees and is locked into the stocks, her sensitive feet toetied for immobility.

Bianca starts tickling her bare feet, forcing Stacie to laugh uncontrollably and beg in Korean. HER BEGGING IS HOT, BUT IT DOESN’T MATTER, BECAUSE BIANCA HAS NO INTENTION OF GOING EASY ON THIS ASIAN HOTTIE!! She mercilessly tickles Stacie’s sensitive soles, forcing her to shriek with laughter. Baby oil makes the tickling even worse and Stacie is driven to hysterical laughter from the intense tickling. DESPERATE TO PLEASE HER CAPTOR, SHE BABBLES FRANTICALLY IN KOREAN, BUT BIANCA ONLY LAUGHS AT HER PREDICAMENT! She applies the comb to Stacie’s feet, running it across her arches and between her extremely ticklish toes, making her struggle and shriek with laughter. She makes her shriek and struggle even more when the brush is used on her extremely sensitive soles.

Stacie’s upperbody is exposed and Bianca can’t help but take advantage of her blindfolded state. She tickles her pits, sides, hips, stomach, and inner thighs in random sequence, driving Stacie crazy because she never knows where she’ll be tickled next. THEN BIANCA ZEROS IN ON STACIE’S WORST SPOTS, CRUELLY TICKLING HER UPPERBODY WITHOUT A HINT OF MERCY! Between bouts of hysterical, shrieking laughter, the poor girl struggles and begs like crazy, but the tickling doesn’t stop.

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Download – Tickle Torture in Korean

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