TickleIntensive – Time For Your Punishment

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Desperately ticklish dance instructor Christina is put through her worst tickling yet. She is blindfolded, gagged, and locked in the stocks. Her size 9.5 feet are her worst spot and they’ve been tightly toetied for completely immobility.

Bianca is absolutely BRUTAL to Christina in this scene. She starts with her helpless feet, covering her feet in baby oil and tickling her slick soles with her sharp nails until Christina is laughing hysterically through the gag. BIANCA SNEERS AT HER MUFFLED PLEAS FOR MERCY AND CONTINUES THE FOOT TICKLING, USING HER NAILS TO EXPLORE EVERY TICKLISH INCH OF CHRISTINA’S SOLES AND TOES! The sadistic redhead uses the comb to drive Christina wild, running it across her soles and harassing the sensitive spots between her toes. The hairbrush is the worst for Christina and Bianca makes sure to give her extended dose of it, forcing peals of desperate muffled laughter from the poor girl. Christina is gasping for air and covered in her own drool and sweat, but Bianca isn’t anywhere near finished with her yet.

Bianca can’t wait to get her hands on Christina’s exposed and extremely ticklish upperbody. SHE PUNISHES HER PITS, SIDES, STOMACH, HIPS, AND HER INNER THIGHS WITH INTENSE TICKLING! She removes Christina’s blindfold and gag so she can hear her sexy laugh. The gag removed, Christina frantically begs her for a break, but Bianca ignores her protests and viscously tickles her sides, making her scream with laughter! “I CAN’T LAUGH ANYMORE!” pleads Christina, but the tickling continues unabated, and she’s forced to laugh whether she likes it or not!

This ticklish dance instructor is broken, but that’s not enough for Bianca. She goes well past the session’s time limit, cruelly tickling Christina’s soles with her nails and brush, extending her punishment until the sadistic redhead is satisfied she’s suffered enough… for now.

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