TickleTorture – Tickling Chuck’s Feet


Chuck Thomas joins us again at Tickle . He is laying on the bed, feet propped up on the foot board. Charlee is straddled over top of his body, facing his feet. She slowly and methodically runs her fingers up and down his enormous bare feet, tickling up and down his soles, over his heels, in and around his arches, under and between his toes. Chuck is ticklish, but doesn’t elicit a lot of laughter from his tickle sensations as he finds getting tickled much more erotic. He moans with pleasure as Charlee fingers up and down his big bare feet. Charlee changes positions briefly, her ginormous tits in your face as she focuses on tickling his feet. Charlee grabs the electric toothbrush to give that a try and see if she receives a different reaction. Chuck responds the same way to the toothbrush on his naked feet as he does with Charlee’s fingers. Though Charlee tries to get him to “laugh like a girl” throughout the clip, she does elicit some laughter, but Chuck is definitely more turned on by being tickled.This is not his worst nightmare. This is a dream come true! Charlee finishes him off using her fingers and fingernails once more as Chucks legs shake and his breathing is quickened with each touch. How would you react if it was you? You never know, you could be next!

Duration: 7:32.621
Size: 313,416 Mb

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