TicklingAndLaughingExperiences – Solletica il misogino! – The misogynist tickling!

Nicola is a misogynist, he is sure of himself and of his strength and never misses an opportunity to reaffirm the superiority of men like him over women, but today he will have to change his mind, because to challenge him there is Pamela, a true fighter who is not afraid looking at her opponent. In a few moves Nicola is knocked out and so Pamela first wraps him tightly with film, then makes him try her powerful face sitting and, not happy, begins a long tickle game. Pamela as well as a powerful fighter, is very skilled in the tickling technique and knows how to use her fingers to submit her opponent with skill. Nicola’s feet wrinkled and tremble trying to escape Pamela, but she doesn’t give in and laughing continues to tickle the boy. Pamela is so good that she can tickle Nicola’s feet and armpits at the same time, in fact, using her feet, the woman manages to reach Nicola’s armpits and tickle them for a long time. For the man there is no escape, the only one is to admit his inferiority and to go along with Pamela and all her requests, denying everything she said before the match!

Length: 22:17
Resolution: 1920×1080

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