TicklingParadise – Bella in the Dungeon!!


This is clip 1 from Dungeon Mistress….First victim is Bella, our girl who loves to be tickled… but she’s never been at the mercy of the Dungeon Mistress before. Her boyfriend calls the mistress because he is tired of Bella dressing so provocatively. She thinks he is sending her for a ‘special” day, but soon finds out she’s there to be punished… however, when she learns that tickling is her punishment she scoffs because she loves it! Little did she know that Mistress Erin tickles longer and harder than any man has ever tickled her. Locked in the stocks, she feels toothpicks, q-tips, fingernails, feathers and whips on her bare feet and upper body until she is reduced into a begging mess!

Duration: 17:12.794
Size: 125,667 Mb

Download – Bella in the Dungeon!!

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